Funny Cable Propagandists

On GE’s Morning Joe today, McCainite Joe Scarborough and his sidekicks were denouncing anyone who wants to withdraw from Iraq before the third millennium as “irresponsible.” Hillary general Wesley Clark agreed. It reminded me of all the predictions of chaos and old night if the US left Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam, America, and the world were far better off when the pentagram’s massacres stopped, and Iraq, America, and the world will be far better off when the pentagram stops killing people in the Middle East.

Then the subject switched from their favorite of defending the empire to their least favorite, the economic panic and crash. How dare Chuck Schumer compare George Bush to Herbert Hoover? How are he mention the unmentionable, “another Great Depression.” Maybe it is 1987 again, but NO WORSE,l and don’t you dare say otherwise. The Fed has matters well in hand. Then a worried Larry Kudlow came on to say all is well, since Bush is optimistic, and the Fed is bailing out Wall Street billionaires at the expense of the rest of us.

Schumer is, of course, right, with this exception: as Murray Rothbard has shown in America’s Great Depression, Hoover was not a do-nothing president; he was an interventionist disaster who made the depression worse with his proto-New Deal. However, to give him credit, unlike Bush, Hoover was a man of peace all his life.


8:44 am on March 17, 2008