Free Will and History

Dear Pierre: The rise and fall of empires is a fascinating study. Thanks for sending this to me. In my view, there’s a historical pattern, but no necessity that this will always be followed. I think it depends upon the decisions made by the rulers. That is, I  believe in free will, not historical necessity. Here are my pubs on free will: Van Schoelandt, Chad, Ivan Jankovic and Walter E. Block. 2016. “Rejoinder on Free Will, Determinism, Libertarianism and Austrian Economics.” Dialogue, Issue 2;;,%20Determinism,%20Libertarianism%20and%20Austrian%20Economics.EML/1_multipart_xF8FF_2_p565__DialogueBook2eng2016_81_95.pdf/C58EA28C-18C0-4a97-9AF2-036E93DDAFB3/p565__DialogueBook2eng2016_81_95.pdf?attach=1;; Block, Walter E. 2015. “Free will, determinism, libertarianism and Austrian economics” Dialogue, Issue 3, p.1;; … Continue reading Free Will and History