Free Communication As a Threat to America

The god-king is on television informing us of the dangers that lie in a free and unregulated Internet. Along with everything else the state dislikes, free and open communication poses a “security” threat that must be confronted. Perhaps a “cyberspace coordinator” can be appointed (a phrase that sounds far less police-statish than what is really entailed, i.e., an “Internet czar”).

Is the god-king making a payoff to Hillary, who long ago urged the creation of a “gatekeeper” for the Internet, to keep just anyone from being able to put their views into the world? These slugs recognize what the late Richard Weaver acknowledged, namely, that “ideas have consequences.” And, being bankrupt of their own ideas with which to debate the rest of us, they prefer to censor the message center.

Burning books is too blatant a form of censorship – it even annoys librarians – and, furthermore, is contra the policies of the global warming alarmists. It is much easier to simply pull the plug on the system that allows new ways of thinking to be communicated to people who no longer find satisfaction in the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal,the Washington Post, etc. And there are those who can only giggle when I suggest that Western civilization is in its final stage of collapse!


10:22 am on May 29, 2009