FOX News, R.I.P?

So Rupert Murdoch’s liberal PC sons take over FOX News, and this week they: 1). suspended Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show because the judge questioned whether Sharia law was consistent with the U.S. Constituton; and 2) hired Clinton political hack/fixer Donna Brazile who, when employed by CNN, confessed to rigging the CNN “debate” for Hillary Clinton.  Meanwhile, the Demo-Marxist totalitarians in the Democrat party continue to smear and libel Tucker Carlson who is far more politically incorrect than Judge Jeanine Pirro is.  Is there any doubt that, were they to occupy the White House, the Demo-Marxist totalitarians would declare any and all criticisms of their communistic notions to be sedition or treason?

The collapse of FOX into just another megaphone of leftist babble will create a giant profit opportunity for other television industry investors and entrepreneurs.


4:46 pm on March 18, 2019