Forever Blowing Bubbles

The workforce bubble, right now, is nothing short of amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this in my adult life. There is such a labor shortage that my 16-year-old nephew is corralling shopping carts at a grocery store for almost $12/hour.

I have tried and tried and tried to hire people to help out around our home: trim my landscaping & shrubbery; cut and edge the lawn; power-wash the house/garage and clean the windows; etc., etc. I am either ignored repeatedly, with calls not returned; called back and told, “sorry, we’re just too busy and can’t take any more work”; and, business owners are telling me they can’t find (unskilled) help offering $20-$25 per hour and thus cannot grow their business. After repeated calls and pursuits, for months, I couldn’t get anyone to do some door framing work/replacement at my home.

The bubble aspect is apparent because there’s just too many people throwing too much money {credit} at too many things, at once. I’m observing reckless spending and debt accumulation, especially on the part of homeowners, who are throwing oodles of borrowed dollars at home improvements – not necessarily of the maintenance type, but foofoo things like high-priced outdoor/deck accoutrements; excessive home remodeling; new appliances replacing old ones they don’t even use; fancy lighting-type things and stuff; home additions; makeovers of spaces they don’t use; etc., etc. Additionally, many folks are doing this in neighborhoods that will never support a return of the $$$ they are sinking into their home. Thank HGTV and Houzz – and all the other fantasy outlets – for feeding the psychological frenzy all over again.

Folks are chasing down home-buying like it is a competitive video game. The housing market is insanity on steroids. I witness libertarian friends posting brag-photos of their McMansions on Facebook – of all people, they should know better, but they’ve dabbled in the collective-mania Kool-Aid along with the rest of ’em.

Keeping up with the Joneses is a debt-seeking endeavor that is akin to a financial suicide. If folks didn’t learn from 2008, they deserve a rinse-and-repeat. Most of you reading this already understand the government’s role in this rekindling of excessive credit, giveaway interest rates, bubbles, and financial depravity, so this post will not dabble in that aspect for purposes of this post.


10:48 am on July 1, 2018