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Hi, Walter Block. In your answer to David Friedman’s flagpole example against the NAP. You said, the question isn’t “should you let go of the flag the pole?’.  The question is “Is the flag pole owner a murder for trying to get the flag grabber off of his flag pole and leading to his death?”. Then you later said, “No, the flag pole owner isn’t doing anything wrong. He’s simply defending his property rights.” Well, I have a question. If you saw me kick someone off my flagpole. Are you really not going to think of me as any worse than he otherwise would?

From: Walter Block <wblock@loyno.edu>

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If you did that, unless the guy on the flagpole was a threat to you, I’d think of you as heartless, callous, nasty,  immoral. But, libertarianism isn’t about all of morality. It concerns a very thin slice of it: what is just law? And, just law upholds property rights, and opposes trespass. David Friedman misunderstands libertarian theory on this matter.

Thanks for very accurately putting the point across. Many people, not you, don’t understand what’s at stake here. An attack on the very essence of libertarianism.

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