Fighting the State With The Sword of the Lord

David Knecht thought

Prather’s advice was pretty good. Homeschooling fathers like me are advised to deal with Caesar’s agents in like manner.

Facing social workers, cops, or whomever, the head of household must sustain the initiative. Stand up straight with your shoulders back. Make friendly, firm, dignified eye contact. Act like an alpha and expect to be treated so.

Ask questions but don’t answer any. If necessary, get your lawyer on the phone and pass it out to the government agent. (Homeschoolers like me often join legal defense associations.) Do not permit anyone to enter your dwelling without a warrant, which cannot be issued without probable cause.

On two occasions I had to turn away a county detective this way. So … we are ready. Bring on the Vazi party.

I also gave a gospel tract to the detective. How could he refuse it? After all, it was he who contacted me! That’s yet another reason to carry tracts in your shirt pocket. No telling which cop or Vazi may need one.

Offhand, I’d say all of them.


8:33 pm on July 19, 2021