Feds Shoot and Kill the Antifa Assassin . . .

. . . who murdered a Trump supporter in Portland because he was a (UNARMED) Trump supporter.  You’ve seen the video:  One Antifa piece of human feces yells “there’s one — another Trumper!”, after which there are two gunshots and the man with the Trump hat lays dead on the ground.

Everyone knew for days who the cold-blooded murderer was — his picture was all over the internet and FOX News and he was doing media interviews!  He even admitted to the murder in one of them, claiming that the unarmed Trump supporter wanted to kill his “friend of color.”  Perhaps that is why the LMS (Lying Media Scum), apart from FOX, did not broadcast his image. All during that time the Portland police and the state police did NOTHING to apprehend the murderer.  They knew who he was and where he was, but there was no attempt to arrest him.  The reason for this is that Democrat Party bosses Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, Podesta, etc. APPROVED  of the murder and hoped that it would encourage more of the same.  It took the Feds to finally get off their asses, after the guy confessed in a podcast, to confront him.

(Helpful hint:  If you publicly confess to murder and want to survive, it’s best not to point a loaded gun at 20 FBI agents who are there to arrest you.  Unless of course your objective is suicide-by-cop).


9:07 am on September 4, 2020