How Fauci Speaks Clintonese

Professor Harvey Risch of the Yale School of Public Health described Fauci’s method of lying and deceiving last night on Tucker Carlson’s show.  He first explained how real scientists discuss scientific matters:  When citing evidence, they routinely cite published articles and books, the authors, where they are published, along with the conclusions of the research.  They do this so that others can go and read the articles themselves, or if they are researchers, try to replicate the results.  That is the scientific method.  It is how economic science is practiced in my own experience having attended hundreds of academic meetings and conventions over the years.

In sharp contrast, the way that Fauci, a lifelong bureuacrat, argues is to say things like, “nearly every scientist I know agrees with me.”  Of course, this could include only people who work for him and are therefore bureaucratic yes men.  He rarely, if ever, gives chapter and  verse of the “scientific research” that he pretends to be so worshipful of, who published it, where you can find it, etc.  He speaks Clintonese, in other words.

Any economist who defended his position about one of his research papers by simply saying that “everyone I know agrees with me” would be belly laughed out of the room and dismissed as an infantile-minded fool.  The same is true of everyone else who practices any kind of science, social or physical.


4:24 pm on June 10, 2021