• Fat: Good, Bad, and Evil

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    The New York Times thinks there’s something strange and awful about the U.S. government pushing cheese sales, through a subsidiary disguised to sound like a private marketing company, while simultaneously warning against the “dangers” of cheese consumption. How can the feds be for both goals?

    A conflict? Sure. But strange? No. Stupid Big Government is as stupid Big Government does. There is a consistency here: Government acting stupidly.

    The subsidies are stupid because they alter honest free markets to reward favored agribusiness clients, who repay the favor with campaign dollars, and waste taxpayer money in the process. The anti-cheese campaign is stupid because it buys into the whole cholesterol-is-bad-for-you myth and tries to regiment you into making life miserable by counting calories. In fact, it was the federal government that created that lie.

    If any Tea Partiers are listening, here’s a blob of truly dangerous and evil fat to cut out of the budget—the entire Department of Agriculture and the Food Police, wherever they are found in the bureaucracy.


    12:00 am on November 8, 2010