Fall of Saigon Moment for US Embassy Baghdad?

As Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forces continue to move ever closer Baghdad, the possibility increases of the billion dollar, Vatican City-sized, US Embassy compound being over-run by al-Qaeda linked Islamists.

The Obama regime ponders drone strikes and the deployment of more US weapons to its allies in Iraq, the Maliki government. The government of Iran — also on Maliki’s side — is said to have deployed Revolutionary Guard forces into Iraq to help out.

Ironic that the US may well be fighting with Iranian forces against the same ISIS forces that the US has been supporting in Syria to overthrow Assad.

Meanwhile, Col. Pat Lang has just called for a Noncombatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) from the US embassy compound in Baghdad. He sees the chances high that fighting will approach the north and west part of Baghdad and thereby threaten the embassy compound.

A most dramatic development and in all likelihood the real fireworks have not yet begun…

UPDATE: It looks like Obama and his interventionists may have finally gotten their pretext to begin bombing Syria. It makes the conspiracy wheels spin at a frenzied pace…

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11:14 am on June 13, 2014

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