Excuse Us, Parson Goat?

Jonathan Nielsen responded to When Parson Goat Becomes a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing with a

…challenge … to all the “Parson Goats” out there. If they don’t believe that now is the time to do anything other than comply 100% with every tyrannical, ridiculous, and pseudo-scientific mandate that sociopaths who obviously serve the devil and hate and seek to replace God can concoct –

Then they need to give an answer as to WHEN we should make like the Founding Fathers and, in the words, of Thomas Jefferson, “throw off such government.”

Just how much abuse, theft, lies, violence, bigotry, double standards, and tyranny of every sort should we accept before saying that it now counts as – again from the Declaration of Independence – “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably … absolute Despotism”???

I’d love to see what the answers are.

So would I. But I’ve observed that when we present Parson G with unanswerable logic, he doesn’t answer.


10:24 am on November 20, 2020