Exchanging One Theater for Another

In response to my latest excoriation of the TSA, Mark Higdon suggests that we rid ourselves of these deviants by sending them “to fight all of our overseas wars. Armed just like they are now. Yeah, that’s the ticket!” 

Mark touts this scheme because:

  1. It’ll get ’em out of the country (and our airports).
  2. It’ll scare … our enemies (all that blue, like the ancient Celtic warriors).
  3. We can finally bring all troops and military contractors home.
  4. We might actually win a few wars, for a change, because there will be no “rules” of engagement (just like at the airport).
  5. If not, we will lose nothing and no one worthwhile.

I daresay the Marines will happily provide transport from the security theater to that of war and actual danger.


4:46 pm on December 11, 2019