Ex-Deep Staters and the Impeachment Hoax

The impeachment of Trump is a deception, a falsehood designed to trick voters into thinking Trump has done something so wrong that he should be removed from office. It’s accurate to call it a hoax.

The Democrats know that they won’t win his removal; but they hope to gain in other ways. One of their base objectives is to stain Trump and Republican senators so as to gain Democrat votes and seats in the elections later this year.

Trump has huge amounts of ammunition to fire at Democrats and they aim to negate his volleys by ruining his reputation. They’ve aimed at his reputation from the very beginning. That sort of attack has been designed to avoid confronting Trump on policies.

Our system of government has birthed and nurtured a “national security” interest group. These are experts and officeholders, whose names and influence are mostly unknown to voters, who thrive on foreign conflicts that involve the U.S. worldwide. This group includes former job-holders in the national security field.

This group of ex-deep staters vehemently opposes Trump’s foreign policy. It wants him out of office. It supports his impeachment. The organization called National Security Action draws members from these ex-deep state personnel. It is “an advocacy group formed in 2018 by two former national security advisers in the Obama administration to oppose Trump’s foreign policy.”

Former holders of national security posts maintain an interest, not only out of the patriotic concern that they advertise, but also because their current livelihoods as experts, speakers and consultants and their future potential jobs in non-Trump administrations depend upon this interest. Ideological differences play an important role too. Trump views the foreign chessboard very differently from these ex-jobholders in the national security state.

On Sept. 27, 2019, CNN reported on a statement released by this group: “More than 300 former national security officials have come out in support of an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, arguing the President’s actions in regard to Ukraine are a ‘profound national security concern.'”

The full statement accused Trump of “an unconscionable abuse of power.” The first article of impeachment against Trump is titled “Abuse of Power”, and the accusation is the same as made by National Security Action.

Deep State personnel of Democrat affiliations created and propagated the now-discredited Russia collusion hoax. That can be seen in outline here. This effort failed to dislodge Trump from office.

Deep State personnel, both out of office and in, didn’t give up the quest to remove Trump. Their influence has thoroughly suffused the Impeachment Hoax from start to finish. It is no coincidence that National Security Action published its statement at the time it did and that House Democrats adopted the term “abuse of power”.

The sordid, seditious, treasonous history of the Impeachment Hoax will eventually all come out; and we will again see the Deep State involvement. We will see in detail all the underhanded work done to build up this hoax. It will include outing the “whistleblower”, the changes in procedure that allowed his accusations to go forward, the contacts with Rep. Adam Schiff, the work with his staff and the witnesses called by the Democrats.

There are wide foreign policy differences between Trump and these “national security” opponents, including Adam Schiff. Is impeachment the right tool to use by Trump’s opponents? It clearly is not. Abuse of power in Ukraine is merely an excuse, and a feeble and implausible excuse at that, to disgrace Trump.

Democrats chose not to battle Trump on the basis of taking their foreign policy case to the public, to the voters. Instead they ginned up a false impeachment procedure. Why? Because they figured that they’d lose the battle, the reason being that Americans are tired of endless wars in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. The position of an outfit like National Security Action is much more hawkish than Trump’s. Rather than place the issue before voters, they went the impeachment route.


4:02 pm on January 23, 2020