Even on Those Exceedingly Rare Occasions When Politicians Are Right, They’re Wrong

Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, has launched a blistering attack on US espionage at the UN general assembly, accusing the NSA of violating international law by its indiscriminate collection of personal information of Brazilian citizens and economic espionage targeted on the country’s strategic industries.”

Dilma is furious because the NSA spied on her personally (well, heck, Dil, join the club: its membership stands at 6 billion and counting) as well as on Brazil’s “state oil corporation,” Petrobras (making a nice profit off that, huh, Dilma? Don’t want anyone cutting in on those megabucks, either). She’s already cancelled an appointment she held with Obummer in protest of the NSA’s eavesdropping — saving us all a bundle, in money and in tedious reports of their wining and dining: thank you, Dilma! — and now comes her tongue-lashing at the UN. It’s almost enough to compensate me for hibernating inside this week as the United Nuts turn Manhattan into their own personal dystopia.

But then Dilma sabotages it all. Her solution to the NSA’s snooping? The United Nuts should “oversee a new global legal system to govern the internet.” Whoa! Just when you thought the panopticon couldn’t possibly get any worse, this dingaling manages to conjure an even more frightening scenario.

But Dingaling wasn’t done: “She said such multilateral mechanisms should guarantee the ‘freedom of expression, privacy of the individual and respect for human rights’ and the ‘neutrality of the network, guided only by technical and ethical criteria, rendering it inadmissible to restrict it for political, commercial, religious or any other purposes.'” Oh, yeah, right. An international collection of sociopaths, politicians and bureaucrats, the worst of the worst from every country — for sure, they’re going to “guarantee the ‘freedom of expression, privacy of the individual and respect for human rights.'” Recall that Dingaling is president of Brazil. She’s spent her life serving Leviathan, knows the beast first-hand. And she still prattles this sort of inane, criminally manipulative bilge.

Dingaling, you and Obummer make a matched pair. Both of you playing us for fools; both of you bigger fools than all of us put together.


3:00 pm on September 24, 2013

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