Elizabeth Warren’s Socialism

Elizabeth Warren has no chance of being the Democratic Party nominee in 2020. That race is far and away between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden at this time. Everyone else is out of it.

Warren keeps running, yes, against people with wealth, against large and successful corporations and against the corporation itself. Her preferred flavor of socialism is anti-capitalism: tax the wealthy, tax assets, turn companies over to some grab-bag of “stakeholders”, which is to say, introduce “democracy” in the running of corporations.

She introduces one hare-brained scheme after another. She wants to break up Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google (Alphabet).

Anti-capitalists like Warren think that they know how to organize resources to produce goods better than the people who have already succeeded at doing it, and better than the up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and better than those who will be striving in the future when conditions and consumer demands have changed.

Socialists like Warren always want to eliminate and control markets, whether by state controls or “democratic” means or whatever.

Warren is harking back to the era of trust-busting, hoping to score by anti-monopoly rhetoric.

Warren’s usefulness to the rest of us is to underscore measures that we should NOT applaud and NOT undertake.


1:55 pm on March 11, 2019