Election Day: A Holiday for Fools

On primary election day here in California, the mainstream media drags out one of so many millions of the faithful to recite the mantra: “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain because you didn’t take the opportunity to vote against a candidate or policy that you oppose.” The late Herbert Spencer extended the logic of this proposition to include those who vote “yes” for a candidate [i.e., by voting in his/her favor, you have endorsed their position], as well as those who vote “no” {by voting, you implicitly agree to be bound by the outcome). In other words, said Spencer, whether you vote “yes,” “no,” or not at all, you are bound (a position members of the mainstream media embrace).

In the movie, Invason of the Body Snatchers, one could spot the evil forces who had taken the place of humans: a scar on the back of the neck provided sufficient identification. It is a bit more difficult today, but if you look closely you may be able to see a frontal lobotomy scar. The truly well-conditioned in the practice may make it easier for you to recognize: they may wear a little sticker that reads “I voted!”


6:31 pm on June 7, 2016