ELECTION 2022: Oklahoma U.S. Senate candidate Robert Murphy Emphasizes Peace

ELECTION 2022: Oklahoma U.S. Senate candidate Robert Murphy

ELECTION: U.S. Senate candidate Robert Murphy

Libertarian Robert Murphy emphatically emphasizes the crucial matter of the destructive nature of war as the principle issue the American electorate faces on Election Day next Tuesday. The insane madmen and women in governments who have enabled this catastrophic war of confrontation between Ukraine and Russia have us at the very brink of nuclear annihilation and destruction.  While there are dozens of extremely serious issues facing the nation to consider for this November election, this should be the ultimate litmus test, the definitive line in the sand for all candidates.

Libertarian Candidate for US Senate Robert Murphy’s Statement on War

For well over a century there have been factions within our government that have viewed the United States – and themselves – as leaders of a world empire. From the Spanish-American War to the war in Ukraine, these factions have done their best to convince us that their motives are pure, that they are acting to protect us from foreign enemies, as well as to secure the blessings of liberty for people around the world. The fact is that these acts have mostly benefited financial elites, international corporations, and the egos of neoconservative policymakers. All this while leaving behind a legacy of corruption, death, and destruction.

Nowhere is this stark reality more evidently displayed than with the recent sabotage of the Nordstream 1 and 2 gas pipelines from Russia to Germany. These pipelines were to transport relatively cheap Russian gas to Europe, bypassing existing pipes through Poland and Ukraine. They had been shut down by Germany due to US-sponsored sanctions against Russia because of Russian military operations in Ukraine. Their destruction ensures that there’s no chance that Germany and Europe can compromise with Russia and end the sanctions.

This action will be devastating to the people and economies of Europe. They will freeze in the dark this winter. Industries will be shuttered, electricity will be rationed, cell phones and internet access will be intermittent, and people may starve in unheated homes. This amounts to an act of war by the United States against our European allies.

There can be no doubt that the Pentagon and the CIA were the prime movers in this sabotage. The technology involved to accomplish it was available on US Navy vessels recently engaged in maneuvers in the Baltic Sea. Poland and Ukraine, who gain transport fees from the pipe going through their lands, may have helped. Norway, whose pipeline was reopened the next day, may have also been involved. The only certainty is that Europe will now be dependent on US and international corporations for gas supplies, global gas prices will increase, and Americans will not be immune to these higher prices.

The price inflation we are enduring now is a direct result of generations of constant warfare paid for with borrowed money. Trillions of dollars and thousands of lives have been sacrificed for the egos of unelected Pentagon and State Department bureaucrats. Our Congress seems helpless to even question the reasons for these sacrifices for fear of seeming unpatriotic. It is well known that the US Media is owned and controlled by the Deep State. Any dissent from the war narrative is met with scorn and accusations of domestic terrorism. War propaganda is relentless.

Republicans and Democrats both, financed by billions in campaign donations, are complicit in this terrifying betrayal of the American people. As a Congressman my Republican opponent in this election, Markwayne Mullins, has continually slavishly approved the NDAA that allows the government to engage in military operations overseas without a formal declaration of war. Kendra Horn, my Democrat opponent, did the same when she was in Congress.

History has shown that warfare bankrupts nations, enriching elites while the people suffer. It is time to end the idea of American global hegemony and bring our troops home.


9:50 am on November 4, 2022