Economic Riots and TrampleFests

This is just a peek at what lies ahead. In a Detroit suburb, rioting ensued when a government organization attempted to hand out welfare freebies in the form of Section 8 Housing Vouchers. The county was giving out 1,000 vouchers and at least 4x that many people showed up to get the freebie. The Michigan State Police had to come in and suppress the out-of-control redistribution celebration gone wild. Now here’s a shocking statement quoted in the article about the “high demand” on the part of some people to have other peoples’ money for themselves:

“Due to the high demand of the Section 8 vouchers, we will meet with HUD Representatives to discuss the series of events, re-evaluate the distribution method and implement a process that ensures a greater level of efficiency and safety,” Mary Radamacher, Director of the Taylor Housing Commission, said in a statement.

A similar thing happened in 2009 in Detroit when folks lined up for “Obama money” that wasn’t there.


10:20 am on January 13, 2013