• Draft Ron for 2012!!

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    DraftRonPaul.com update

    Posted: 01 Feb 2010 05:59 PM PST

    We’re approaching 2,000 pledged supporters for a Ron Paul run for president in 2012. Thank you for your pledge!

    If all 2,000 of us we’re to promote www.DraftRonPaul.com today it would make quite an impact.

    Please take a moment to spread the word today.

    Click here for banners to promote with

    Things you can do to promote…

    1. web 2.0 – place a link on your Facebook, MySpace, or other web 2.0 profile.
    2. post a banner on your blog or website
    3. post a comment on a Ron Paul related youtube video or news article
    4. send an email to your friends
    5. send an email to the owner of your favorite Ron Paul related blog or blogs and ask them to link to www.DraftRonPaul.com


    2:34 pm on February 4, 2010