Double Trouble

Today is not only the Sunday the closest to Veterans Day; it is Veterans Day. This is double trouble for Christians who want to attend church and not participate in or witness the military idolatry that is unfortunately all too prevalent in many churches.

Today is the perfect day for these military-loving churches to give their last full measure of devotion, so to speak, when it comes to the military: veterans and active duty recognized, veterans and active duty in uniforms, pledge to the flag, hundreds of flags stuck in the ground around the church grounds, flags on the walls in the church, extra flags on the platform, patriotic songs, the songs of the different branches of the military played on the piano, prayers for the troops, thanks to the troops for “keeping us safe” and for “serving,” a video tribute to the military played during the Sunday morning church service, and the glorification of the military in general.

I was in a church service once that had most of these things happen during the same church service. I didn’t walk out because I wanted to see just how bad it would get. And it got bad.


1:40 pm on November 11, 2012