Dopey WaPo Style Writer Lectures on Race, Readers Push Back

The Washington Post tells us once again that white people just don’t get it. But this time the lecture comes courtesy of the Style section. I guess it’s stylish to cravenly accept WaPo’s ludicrous narrative on all things racial:

It can be exhausting trying to bring white people up to a basic racial literacy.

Many don’t even know what they don’t know about privilege and history, and often either don’t take responsibility for their own education or expect you to educate them.

And I wish there were a racial primer out there somewhere — mandatory reading — with five or 10 basic facts about housing, education, criminal justice and employment. Or maybe a simple overview so that before we enter into meaningful conversations around issues that are front and center before our nation, I don’t have to go person to person trying to convince a large population of citizenry that the world isn’t flat.

But never fear– even Post readers aren’t having it, savaging the dopey writer in the comments section (ever notice that comments in all mainstream publications run completely contrary to the published article?). Some examples:

There seems to be some sort of liberal “merit badge” to be gained by white liberals who purport to lecture others about so-called “white privilege.”

Yikes!  For crying out loud, woman!  We, the taxpayers, have put (roughly) $22 TRILLION dollars into the “war on poverty”.  The results have not changed. That small percentage that wants (expects) the rest of us to support them will always be there.  We don’t need your condescending ignorance to tell us what we need to understand. I think the one that needs the education is Y-O-U.

no reader,black or white,needs a primer on ANYTHING from this writer. Like most of her articles,she assumes that white people are ignorant and if they just listened to her “wisdom” we’d be o.k. Cannot believe the Post,once a respected publication,as sunk so low as to think this author is worthy of publication. I, and judging by the comments,many others were insulted by this piece of printed drivel.

Are cracks in the PC wall of drivel beginning to show?


2:49 pm on May 11, 2015