Doomsday Scenario

I’m not much for forecasts or speculations: rulers give us so much actual evil that I can’t keep up, let alone worrying about the “what ifs” and “mights.” So pardon me for launching into sheer speculation here, but Monnie forwarded a column that propounds a terrifying thesis constructed from these facts:

  1. Biological warfare’s holy grail is infecting the enemy with a disease that will not wipe out your own population. 

Ahem: rulers are such sociopaths that I doubt they worry about killing anyone, even their own tax-slaves (and the universal lockdowns this past year prove that in pursuit of total power, these criminals will forego plundering us. So why would they scruple to slaughter us?).

          2. The search for such a disease, the author maintains, has proceeded for years and is ongoing. Indeed, Faux-chi’s excuse for “gain-of-function” research with coronavirus was defensive: he hoped to discover a cure or vaccine should another nation develop such a weapon. (Yeah, right, and I have a bridge to Brooklyn for sale.)

3. “Ordinary vaccines we have lots of experience with, such as measles, the flu shot, mumps and similar do not carry a risk beyond that of natural infection and cannot be weaponized because they produce the exact same antibody response as a natural infection.  If you have had either the measles or the shot you will have antibodies but an antibody test will not tell you which since they’re not distinguishable.”

         4. COVIDCon’s “vaccine” is really gene therapy. And in fact, some of the jabbed have contracted COVID. Does the shot increase your susceptibility to the germ? 


due to the way these mRNA shots work — they are not actually a vaccine at all in that they do not “mimic” natural infection but rather cause your cells to produce the spike protein that the virus has and that elicits an immune response — that the antibodies produced by those jabs would be distinct and distinguishable from natural infection. …

An adversary that develops a virus (e.g. another modified/mutated bat virus, for example) that selectively targets ADE [where antibody presence potentiates the infection instead of protecting against it] in people with the specific antibodies from vaccination, which are distinct from natural infection, could easily kill every single person who was vaccinated and not harm or only make mildly sick those who either had Covid-19 naturally or who were uninfected and unvaccinated.

Americans, stupidly obeying their rulers as usual, are lining up for “gene therapy,” becoming sick, and dying—and  another coronavirus hasn’t even “escaped” from the lab in Wuhan yet. Meanwhile, China’s “domestic effort” to produce its own antidote-–one which is an actual vaccine instead of gene therapy—for inoculating its serfs “is intensifying.” In a war of weaponized COVID, the Chinese Army won’t sicken and die—but Americans will.

Beginning to understand why the Usurper now infests the White House?


12:59 pm on February 25, 2021

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