Don’t Mess With Texas—Especially Their Kids

A gun range opening in Texas will be hosting birthday parties for kids as young as eight. The kids are also welcome to target shoot there. I sent this story to a gun owner friend of mine who has two preschool-aged daughters. He responded:

I was just reading some commentary on the NRA yesterday. The commenter contended that the NRA’s success is not in lobbying and not in legislation, but in putting thousands of instructors out there to teach tens of thousands of people — most of whom are not and will never become NRA members — how to shoot. He contends that once you go out there and actually shoot, you will recognize how empowered you feel and how important that right is. By the way, I was always told that 7 or 8 is old enough to teach a kid how to fire a rifle, and 12 or 13 for a handgun.  I guess we’ll find out in about 4 years. 🙂


11:24 am on June 6, 2012