Doing Unto Others as You Wouldn’t Have Them Do Unto You

So the War State Journal reports that “U.S. intelligence operatives and diplomats have stepped-up their contacts with [sic for ‘help to’] Syrian rebels.”

Imagine Our Rulers’ fury should foreign “operatives and diplomats” so much as notice “rebels” here, let alone actively manipulate — sorry, “step-up their contacts with” them. What if Canada’s agricultural bureaucrats took time off from persecuting their own farmers to laud Amish dairies in the US selling raw milk? What if India’s Minister of Tourism praised the next hero to defend himself from the TSA’s sexual assault? What if London’s mayor were to denounce New York City’s proposal to limit the quantity of soda customers may buy as outrageous tyranny?

Yeah, I know: It’ll never happen because we’re dealing with politicians and bureaucrats — power-hungry, spineless, and venal by definition. As if that weren’t enough, they’d sell their mothers as surely as they have their souls to keep that US Foreign Aid and other bribes coming. But wouldn’t it be delicious to watch Our Rulers taste — and choke on their own medicine? Meanwhile, every time you think you understand the scope of the Feds’ arrogance, multiply it by about a million. And you’re still not there…


7:34 am on June 14, 2012