Do Parents Own Children? No.

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Herr Professor Doctor Block, I’ve seen many of your writings on LRC. I am a very high IQ engineer, but not an academic, and honestly often find your writings a bit too abstract and academic for my taste. This is not a criticism, please don’t think so, it’s just that I’m a practical man who solves hard real world problems for a living. In your response today on animal torture (, I agree with you, but it made me think back and I’d like to hear your thoughts on my thesis, to wit: children are property of their parents. This has many implications including the right of the parent to discipline his children (corporal punishment) and the right of a single man to not pay a single woman to support her child barring extenuating circumstances. Clearly children are a special case, on a sliding scale of sentience and civilization, not adult and from the beginning simply a higher form of animal. Are they not, like animals, in fact property, but of a special class worthy of protection as they all (children, incompetent adults, and animals) not exactly free and sentient but also something more than inanimate property? I hope you find my question worthy of discussion. Respectfully, R

Dear R: Thanks for your kind words. In my view children are certainly not property of their parents. What, then, does the parent “own?” He owns, instead, the guardianship rights over the child; as long as he cares for the child, no one else may properly take his progeny away from him. Certainly, he may use force to compel the baby to have his diaper changed, and, even, use slight corporal punishment, as long as it is in the best interest of the child. Yes, of course, there is a “sliding scale” or a continuum as I call it in this publication of mine, see below. See in addition, other publications, interviews, debates of mine on children’s rights. (I don’t know what to make of this sentence: “the right of a single man to not pay a single woman to support her child barring extenuating circumstances”)

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