Diversity is Sweden’s Strength

Take Nigerian immigrant  Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, for instance, a “rapper” who calls for white people to be shot in one of his “performances.” “Shoot them,” he bellows.  “Take them as slaves and treat them even worse,” he “raps.”  Catchy.

Mr. Nweke Conable is apparently well versed in left-wing cultural Marxism, for he informs us that “you cannot be racist if you are not white.”  This is one of the mantras of cultural Marxism:  They redefine “racism” to be a combination of bigotry and the “power” to oppress others which, by their definition, only white heterosexual males have the ability to do.

Meanwhile, France is also enjoying the strength of diversity by welcoming another immigrant, one Nick Conrad, who has made a “rap” video entitled “I F _ _ k France, I Burn France” in which he is shown strangling a white woman to death.  In an earlier video he portrayed the killing of white babies.  Facebook claims that this does not violate its policy against “spreading hate.”


1:34 pm on September 12, 2019