When Diversity and Corporatocracy Kills

With the Florida bridge collapse, there are the usual suspects: (1) government contracts and the role “diversity” plays in the doling out of those contracts, and (2) rent-seeking interests that continually profit from government intervention in markets in order to “level the playing field.” Based on the various links in this story, there’s some good evidence that, once again, government policy is responsible for the death of innocent citizens.

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida has tweeted: “Just asked USDOT to turn over records related to the engineering, design, construction, safety and inspection of the bridge that collapsed yesterday at @FIU. We need a clear understanding of who had what role in this tragedy and hold them accountable.”

What will they do when they find that government policy and ‘politics as usual’ is directly responsible for the deaths of these individuals? They may find a scapegoat to throw into the pit to make the lawyers happy, but the real cause – government – will never be held accountable.



7:01 am on March 18, 2018