Did You Smoke a Joint a Month Ago?

If so, then in nine states you can be jailed and your driver’s license suspended for “DUI” even if you were not in the least bit high.  THC is the chemical compound in marijuana that makes you high, but there are others as well that have no such effect. These latter chemicals can remain in your bloodstream for a month or so after smoking a single joint.  Nine states now have laws that if such chemicals are detected by the police, then you can be jailed and fined and have your driver’s license suspended, even if you are not accused of driving “under the influence” of alcohol or any other substance.  Call it revenge of the drug warriors over the inevitable national legalization of pot, combined with local government obsession to rob us of as much loot as they can get away with.  (Look for Mayor Bloomberg to begin testing NYC drivers for traces of sugary soft drinks in their blood and imposing a “fat tax” on them for the “crime.”).


7:32 am on March 12, 2013