Did Putin “Take” Crimea?

I turned on the car radio today and caught about twenty seconds of a Sean Hannity hysterical, completely unglued rant over the fact that Obama has not yet started a war with nuclear-armed Russia.  He claimed that Putin “took” Crimea and will obviously invade Ukraine any day now, and then .  .  . Los Angeles?  New York City?

Funny, but all the articles I’ve read say that Crimea held a referendum on secession and 95% of the voters favored joining Russia.  The articles also say that the Crimeans are “asking” Russia to incorporate them.  There is no mention of any “taking” of anything by Putin.  That is another neocon lie, spread by people like the putrid Paul Wolfowitz, who was spotted last night being treated, oddly enough, like a respectable human being by Lou Dobbs on his television show.  Wolfowitz was, of course, one of the chief liars who helped lie Americans into the senseless war in Iraq that never had anything whatsoever to do with national defense.

And even if Putin did “take” Crimea, it’s none of our business.  Feel free to send YOUR son over there to join the Ukranian army, Sean Hannity.


3:58 pm on March 18, 2014

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