Der Kommissar’s in Town, or How To Denounce Tom Woods

So I managed to intercept the memo that is evidently circulating among the commissars of approved opinion, several of whom have written virtually identical attacks on me in recent days.  Key points:

1) Nullification is stupid and unconstitutional, but do not give evidence for this assertion.  Ex cathedra pronouncements are all these deviants deserve.  And whatever you do, do not mention Thomas Jefferson.

2) Even though nullification was used in actual practice to oppose slavery and was never used in actual practice to defend it, claim that nullification was the legal doctrine by which the South protected slavery.  If anyone calls you on this claim, point and shout “Confederate!” and run away.

3) Claim Woods is an “extremist” (which means he watches neither Sean Hannity nor Rachel Maddow), and forget that the Internet allows people to find out about him for themselves.

4) If you must quote him, there are three sentences from 15 years ago you may use.  These sentences have nothing to do with what Woods believes, as anyone glancing at his record of writing can see for himself.  But see #3 — we forget that the Internet allows people to verify claims for themselves.

5) To discredit him, point out that the neoconservative Claremont Review of Books, “libertarian” Cathy Young, and neoconservative Max Let’s-Encourage-Immigration-So-The-Immigrants-Can-Help-Fight-Our-Wars Boot did not like one of his books.  Surely these three sources, all of which take Woods to task for being antiwar, are all anyone needs to hear.

6) Conform as closely to the zombie in Woods’s video as possible. This is a model to live by.

Just before bed last night, by the way, I bashed another one.


9:27 am on October 23, 2010