Democrats coasting to defeat

Everywhere I look, the polls show the Republicans surging and the Democrats receding at every level. How did the Dems manage to pull this off? In year 8 of the most unpopular GOP president since Nixon, the Dems look like they’re about to lose the presidency yet again. And, if the current trend keeps up, they’ll make far fewer gains in Congress than they’d hoped for.

Perhaps it’s their clueless platform. I’ll summarize.

The Dem platform:
1. Abortion: we love it. Everyone should have one. Anytime anywhere! More abortion! We love it! Hurray abortion! Sure, half the country is heartily opposed, but our funders tell us it’s a winning issue.
2. We hate all women who aren’t exactly like Hillary Clinton. See Bill Anderson on this one.
3. Sure, we’re in the middle of the most unpopular war in American history, but we’re too stupid to come out and say we’re opposed to it. So you might as well vote for the GOP.
4. We hate white (i.e. Anglo) people. Sure, they make up the majority of the electorate in most states, but we can’t be bothered with those people unless they have ivy league degrees.
5. Raise taxes! Every candidates that runs on raising taxes wins, right? Right? Right?


12:33 am on September 14, 2008