Democratic Tyranny Taking Over the Democratic Party

Elizabeth Warren is way ahead in the Predictit market. If she hadn’t taken the lead, it would have been one of the other losers. They’re all democratic tyrant hopefuls.

The prediction market named Predictit has Elizabeth Warren #1 at 44 cents and Joe Biden #2 at 28 cents, her biggest lead to date.

Prediction markets incorporate all information and polls through the pricing of a candidate’s prospects. They can be wrong, as happened in the Brexit and Trump cases. Most of the time, they are right.

The candidates in the rest of the field are all long shots. Bernie Sanders is #3 at 11 cents. Yang is 9 cents. After that fall the rest, starting with Buttigieg at 6 cents and Harris at 5 cents.

Warren’s ahead in Iowa too. She’s 52 cents to Biden’s 19 cents, so she’s predicted to be the winner.

In a Trump-Warren matchup, Trump is at 42 cents and Warren at 32 cents. The rest of the Democratic field is taking up the remaining 26 cents.

Warren’s programs, if ever implemented, would set Americans back severely. She’s a confirmed anti-capitalist/fascist/socialist/statist/totalitarian (in alphabetic order) with a government power play for every human evil, ill and problem, real and imagined.

The clear meaning of her lead and her program is that the Democratic party has moved even further toward democratic tyranny, i.e., a centralized, all-powerful government that’s elected using the machinery of democracy as a cover.


8:03 am on September 22, 2019