Democrat-Totalitarians Causing Vast Instability

Even if antifa is gone, freedom-loving Americans still have a much deeper threat to address: the Democrat-totalitarian-socialist-communist-Marxist axis that threatens the liberty of every American. This axis pervades the Democratic Party, the media and the universities. It has been at work in the schools, and many Republicans have participated as well.

The Democrats have poisoned our politics for 4 years now. They show no signs of ever stopping. They are destabilizing the entire country intentionally.

A Democrat sweep in November, if it occurs, will usher in an era of economic instability, violence and perhaps civil war once the victors move to impose new socialist measures on the country. Armed people in many areas of the country who immediately resisted antifa and defended against them are likely to resist such new laws. It cannot be ruled out, if there are voting irregularities, that the elections would be contested for months. Once a period of vast political instability sets in, all sorts of now-unlikely scenarios become far more likely.

Much can happen in the next 5 months to prevent the Democrats from taking control. Biden has weathered Ukraine corruption and sexual misconduct. He is likely to survive the coming indictments related to the Russian collusion hoax. Trump can’t rely on these lines of attack. He has to go into high gear and attack the entire Democrat philosophy. He has to make people realize what Democrats have in store for them, and he has to make people fear their control.

The undecided middle voters will fall to Biden if they think of him as a comforting and non-radical person, one who’ll calm the waters, Sleepy Joe. His doddering image helps him, as did staying in the basement.

Trump has to sell himself as the non-radical one who intends to preserve the country and its systems. He has to sell the idea that he’s best equipped to bring the country out of unemployment. But the real focal point is elsewhere. He has to paint Biden as a stooge of the Democrat radicals like Warren, AOC, and many others. Trump has to constantly remind voters of how radical Democrats are. He has to run less against Biden than against all the other nutcases in the Democrat orbit. Run against antifa. Run against letting criminals out of jail. Run against letting looters loot. Run against the ones who insist on endless lockdowns. Democrats repeatedly do crazy things in office. How hard is it going to be to run against them on this basis?


1:51 pm on June 5, 2020