• Delusional and Despicable

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    Being a responsible journalist, I was not going to report the TSA’s newest lie in an infinitely long string of them; after all, we’ve got the corporate media for that.

    Against that I balance your — and my own — fascination with the TSA’s endless delusions. How many lies will this shameless agency tell? Is there no limit to its mendacity? Does it seriously think we believe anything it says? Breathes there the victim it will not scruple to denounce as a liar when the latest story of its abuse hits the headlines?

    The answers, so far as I can tell, are: as many as it can, whether it gets away with ’em or not; no; it doesn’t care what we believe or think because it doesn’t have to — Congress will continue stealing our money to finance the TSA’s depredations on us no matter what; and no.

    Ergo, the TSA now alleges that its unconscionable thugs did not force a double-amputee to rise from his wheelchair and walk, nor did they compel him to remove his artificial legs, despite photographic evidence and numerous eye-witness reports to the contrary. And Barry Obummer isn’t a commie determined to strip us of our guns, either.


    12:07 pm on March 21, 2013