Defending Ilhan Omar Dangerous for Democrats

There is ample evidence that Ilhan Omar may have broken numerous U.S. laws and committed felonies. This hasn’t been proven in a court of law. The evidence hasn’t been heard and tested. No accusers have brought a suit. She is innocent until proven guilty. But there is more than enough evidence to bring a case.

Trump must know all of her activities and possible crimes in detail. If we know it, he knows it and he knows more. His controversial tweet was directed at Ilhan Omar, although she was unnamed. That was on purpose. He took a relatively high road, not arguing a detailed case against her. In this way, he trapped Democrats and leftists. They immediately sprang to her defense and the defense of her buddies in Congress, but not defense against evidence that she broke laws. Their defense was almost solely to accuse Trump of racism, Nazism, white nationalism and other such slurs.

They are now in bed with Ilhan Omar. They are strongly defending a person who may well turn out to be a proven felon in their midst. That will only take some government action against her. Trump will then have ample ammunition to launch against Democrats who allied themselves with her.

In other words, an even bigger trap conceivably lies ahead, and there is nothing the Democrats can do to wiggle out of it short of repudiating Omar and showing Trump to have been accurate in his assessment of her.


12:17 pm on July 21, 2019