Defending III.

As many readers of the blog know full well, I am the author of two books in my Defending series:

Block, Walter E. 2013. Defending the Undefendable II: Freedom in all realms; Terra Libertas Publishing House; isbn: 978-1-908089-37-3;


Block, Walter E. 2008 [1976]. Defending the Undefendable. Auburn, AL: The Mises Institute

The thesis of both is to defend all of those professions and activities that are against the law, and/or are seen as despicable by most people, even though they do not violate the three basic foundations of libertarianism: the non-aggression principle, private property rights based on homesteading, and free association.

As it happens, I am now in the midst of writing the material for a book I hope will one of these days become Defending III. It will feature some three dozen new examples which have not before appeared in either of the first two volumes in this series, just as Defending II added additional material that did not appear in Defending I. Numerous people have suggested new topics to me for this volume, and I always encourage that and am grateful for it (see the latest instance of this, below). However, I am a poor record keeper, and request a favor: all of those who have sent me help in this regard in the past, please resend me your suggestions. When I finish writing this volume, I would like to thank all of you, publicly. And, I promise to try to keep better records of this sort of thing in future.

Prof. Block: I just want to tell you that I am a huge fan of both volumes that you have published of Defending the Undefendable. They converted me to austro libertarianism with the mindset that no we don’t need government services. The private sector is more than able to do it. Will you publish a 3rd volume of Defending the Undefendable? I have some “undefendables” that perhaps you might be able to touch on:
1. Pornography Addict and Pornography site owner
2. Arms trafficker
3. Money launderer
4. School Test Cheater
5. Plagiarizer
6. Cultural Appropriator
7. Speeder
8. cultural non-conformist
9. junk bond promoter
10. insurance salesman
11. up-skirt photo taker
12. climate alarmist
13. Racist/confederate sympathasizer


5:36 pm on June 2, 2017