Death of Biden-Sorry, Stalin

TimmyTaes reviews “Death of Stalin”  for us, 

…a funny movie with a great cast. 

Of course nowadays it feels like we live in the Soviet Union, so the movie isn’t perhaps as funny as it was in 2017 when it was released. The movie feels a bit too real now for comfort. For fun I figured I would compare the main characters in the Soviet Union leadership in 1953 with those of today. There may be some spoilers here, especially at the end, so skip this if you want to see the film and don’t know who succeeds Stalin. …

Joseph Stalin: Head of the Soviet Union. He killed and imprisoned thousands of his enemies. Everyone was scared of Stalin. 

Modern Day Equivalent: Premier Xi: Head of China. Xi has imprisoned thousands of his enemies including the ethnic muslims in western China.

Malenkov: Deputy to Stalin. Weak, ineffectual, no one took him seriously. No threat to Stalin.

MDE: U.S. VP Mike Pence, British PM Boris, Canadian PM Trudeau. Weak, ineffectual, no one takes them seriously. No threat to real people in power.

Nikita Khrushchev: The Scheming Politician.

MDE: Bill and Hillary Clinton

Molotov: Foreign Minister. Easy going, clueless, wants to fit in. His wife was sent to prison.

MDE: John Kerry

General Zhukov: Head of the Soviet Army. Tough guy who defeated the Nazis. Won the Battle of Stalingrad.

MDE: There isn’t one, but the American Military Joint Chiefs of Staff think they are.

Beria: Head of the NKVD (Soviet Secret Police). Kidnapped, tortured, raped, imprisoned, and killed all of those on Stalin’s execution lists. Was also a pedophile.

MDE: Again there is no one person like him today. Everyone was afraid of Beria, Stalin’s hit man. I suppose George Soros, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab would be close to being a Beria. The Dulles brothers in the USA were similar. J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI was also like Beria. But as for living examples like Beria; I’d pick Soros.

The ending of the movie was my favorite part. So here comes the spoiler. Khrushchev outmaneuvers Beria to succeed Stalin. Khrushchev enlists General Zhukov and the rest of the Politburo (who are terrified of Beria) to have Beria arrested, tried (in three minutes), and then shot in the courtyard. Gen. Zhukov’s soldiers put gasoline on Beria’s body. Zhukov lights it, and up goes Beria in smoke. Later on a worker puts a fan onto the ashes and Beria’s remains go upwards and drifting away into the Moscow sky. That was a nice touch.

The Soviet Army shoots many NKVD officers and then takes over Moscow. Khrushchev is the new Head of the Soviet Union… for a few years until Brezhnev throws him out.

In the USA some want the US military to take over and throw out the spies and secret police. But I doubt it. Gen. Zhukov had a personal beef against Beria. Hated his guts. Then again Gen. Flynn of the USA does no doubt hold a grudge against those spies and secret agents who prosecuted him. So it could happen.

I can dream of ex- CIA head Brennan, and all the rest of the goons, being shot in the Rose Garden, burned, their ashes floating into the DC sky.

But someone would just replace them I suppose. And the usual politician would take over.

Well, it’s a fun movie. Made me think about government and the folks who go into that line of “work.”


11:58 am on December 26, 2020