• Criminal Gangmember Escapes Drug Charges

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    It’s hard to know which of this cop‘s qualities is more pathetic: His hypocrisy or his stupidity.

    He stole (“confiscated”) some marijuana from “suspected criminals” and baked it into some brownies with his wife. They ate it. Freaked out by the high the drug gave him, he called 911, thinking he was overdosing.

    The therapeutic index of marijuana — the number of doses it takes to be fatal for the median population — is 40,000. This is just a rough guess based on feeding the drug to a lab rat; no one has ever actually died of THC. Did this cop really believe the drug war propaganda that one could OD on pot?

    He’s not being charged with his crime, of course, even though, unlike most marijuana offenders, he actually is known to have committed a real crime –- theft of the cannabis.


    4:26 pm on May 10, 2007