“A Crime Not Only Against the United States . . .

. . . but also the white race.”  That’s how the crazed eugenist Teddy Roosevelt, the darling and Number One Political Idol of the neocons, described the government’s delay in annexing Hawaii in a speech to the Republican Club of Massachusetts (Begin reading at paragraph 6 in the linked article).

Lew is certainly right to condemn the tyrannical political crony, “supreme” court justice Anthony Kennedy, who has just issued another Roman emperor-style edict that a native Hawaiian organization cannot hold elections for delegates to a secession convention.  Why, they might bring back slavery!  They’ll break the “mystic chords of union!”  They’ll invite an invasion by the European powers by weakening the union!  “What will become of our revenues?!” as Lincoln said in early 1861.  “What if we need to dupe the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor again to justify another war?”  “If Hawaii secedes, can Texas and Vermont be far behind?”  We can only hope and pray.


9:49 am on November 28, 2015