My Correspondence on Racial and Sexual Discrimination (Well, Sort Of) With Steve Pinker

I developed an acquaintance with him since he used my book Defending I in a course of his he taught at Harvard. He has not so far responded to my query (hence, the “sort of” since this is so far one way), but I’m always hopeful. (I slightly edited this letter of mine to him).

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Dear Steve:

I watched with great interest this short presentation of yours on racism, sexism, and anarcho capitalism.

Steven Pinker: Political Correctness Might be Redpilling America

If I had to summarize your talk, you were saying that you can’t logically deduce an ought from an is. Fine. I have no problem with that.

However, I’m a racist and a sexist (as a libertarian, I believe we have a right to discriminate against blacks and females, and anyone else we want for that matter) and an anarcho capitalist (I believe this is the only moral and efficacious system; taxation, the sine qua non of government, is necessarily a rights violation). You oppose all three. But, nothing you said leads to that conclusion either. Do you agree (not that I expect you can defend your position on all three in a few minutes)?

PS. You’re walking down a dark street late at night. The road breaks into two forks. Down one are standing 3 young black men. In the other direction are 3 young white men. All else is ceteris paribus insofar as this scenario is concerned. Stipulate that you take the latter path. Are you not judging these three individuals on the basis of the groups to which they belong, contrary to what you said in your presentation (given that the black crime rate is much higher than the one for whites)?

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4:38 pm on January 12, 2018