Correction, Incredibly Enough

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe that Your Intrepid Reporter could err, but nonetheless, I linked to an article earlier this week alleging that fire destroyed City Blue Imaging Services because it had—sorry, which had printed ballots for the election.

David Mueller forwarded an announcement from the business in question insisting that it never handled any ballots. But it did burn to the ground.

However, our age is one of universal deceit. And the post in question appeared on that most deceptive and evil of platforms, Facebook.

Lest I lead anyone astray once more, and we learn that City Blue itself is lying (under pressure from Our Rulers or otherwise), I list these caveats.

(Meanwhile, YIR mutters under her breath, “Wanna bet not a whiff of smoke anywhere, and City Blue specializes in ballots?”)


10:55 am on December 31, 2020

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