Cops Are Not Only Despicable, “Peacekeeper” Could Render Them Obsolete

I like any guy who, “when asked what he hoped to accomplish with the new app,” responds with just “one word: ‘Freedom.’”

Meet Cody Drummond, founder of an app called “Peacekeeper.” His modest ambition is to replace cops with peaceful, non-murderous heroes; in other words, if you subscribe to the app, you agree to help anyone within your area confronting an emergency. Likewise, you rely on your fellow app-sters rather than risking yourself to the State’s “first responders” should you ever find yourself in trouble. Or, as Peacekeeper puts it, “Become a Force for Good in your Neighborhood.

Mr. Drummond is currently raising funds on Indiegogo for the app’s next generation. I’m hoping Peacekeeper might one day include a “not-quite-an-emergency-but-boy,-I’m-tired-of-highway-robbery” button. I’ve often wondered what would happen if each time we serfs saw modern pirates, a.k.a., traffic cops or minions of the Highway Patrol, ticketing one of us, we all pulled over to surround the victim and his assailants. Were enough folks to gather, I bet the cowardly cops would back down without measures any more forceful than honest men’s glares.

In the meantime, contribute and subscribe to Peacekeeper. Yet another way to spit in Leviathan’s eye!


12:05 pm on June 18, 2015