Comrade Bernie Sanders’ True Beliefs

Soviet-style communism, including the nationalization of all major industries.  Sweden and Denmark are capitalist countries with large welfare states, just like the U.S.  In fact, their Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom rankings are almost identical to that of the U.S. (76.8 for U.S.; 76.7 for Denmark; 75.2 for Sweden; 74.9 for Finland).  The corporate income tax rate in Sweden is 22%, compared to 25.7% in the U.S. counting both federal and state corporate income taxes.  I doubt that Comrade Sanders wants the U.S. to “be more like Sweden” by reducing the rate of corporate taxation.  It is a giant hoax being played on clueless and uneducated millennials to tell them that “we” need to be more like “socialist Sweden.”  Bernie wants the U.S. to be more like Sweden about as much as he wants pancreatic cancer.  He wants the U.S. to be more like the socialist “utopia” of his youth, the Soviet Union — where he spent his honeymoon, by the way.


8:31 am on March 16, 2019