Under CommieCare, Your Pet Fares Better As a Patient Than You Do

A report in a Canadian newspaper about “a private-for-profit veterinarian clinic, where, for a fee, you are able to, pardon the grotesque pun, acquire a CAT scan, along with other medical procedures, for your beloved pet quickly and efficiently” inspired our northern correspondent, David Maharaj, to the following comparison:
“Counter that situation with government-run health care in [Canada], where people routinely die on waiting lists waiting to see a specialist. In the novel, Animal Farm, Orwell speaks of some animals being more equal than others. In this country, animals are definitely more equal than humans on the health care front.”

The same fate awaits Americans if we continue down the pit of socialized medicine. The repeal of Obummercare’s mandate seems heartening—but remember that what one set of criminals in Congress repeal, the next can reinstate.


7:19 pm on December 6, 2017