Co-Sponsors of The New Way Forward Bill

The New Way Forward bill in the House, (criticized here) as “insanity”, “…already-deported criminals who have committed crimes such as auto theft, gun offenses, child abuse, rape, and even manslaughter would be permitted to come back into the United States.”

Representatives who go out of their way to sponsor bills are called co-sponsors. Co-sponsors of bills such as this mad atrocity that undermines our safety need to be removed from office come November The current co-sponsors are all Democrats. They are

Rep. Garcia, Jesus G. “Chuy” [D-IL-4] |
Rep. Jayapal, Pramila [D-WA-7]
Rep. Bass, Karen [D-CA-37]
Rep. Pressley, Ayanna [D-MA-7]
Rep. Grijalva, Raul M. [D-AZ-3]
Rep. Velazquez, Nydia M. [D-NY-7]
Rep. Haaland, Debra A. [D-NM-1]
Rep. Tlaib, Rashida [D-MI-13]
Rep. Escobar, Veronica [D-TX-16]
Rep. Omar, Ilhan [D-MN-5]
Rep. Garcia, Sylvia R. [D-TX-29]
Rep. Espaillat, Adriano [D-NY-13]
Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria [D-NY-14]
Rep. Chu, Judy [D-CA-27]
Rep. Davis, Danny K. [D-IL-7]
Rep. Lee, Barbara [D-CA-13]
Rep. Rush, Bobby L. [D-IL-1]
Rep. Blumenauer, Earl [D-OR-3]
Rep. Takano, Mark [D-CA-41]
Rep. Barragan, Nanette Diaz [D-CA-44]
Rep. McGovern, James P. [D-MA-2]
Rep. Meng, Grace [D-NY-6]
Rep. Napolitano, Grace F. [D-CA-32]
Rep. Schakowsky, Janice D. [D-IL-9]
Rep. Wilson, Frederica S. [D-FL-24]
Rep. Serrano, Jose E. [D-NY-15]
Rep. Clarke, Yvette D. [D-NY-9]
Rep. Norton, Eleanor Holmes [D-DC-At Large]
Rep. Watson Coleman, Bonnie [D-NJ-12]
Rep. Vargas, Juan [D-CA-51]
Rep. Cardenas, Tony [D-CA-29]
Rep. Brown, Anthony G. [D-MD-4]
Rep. Johnson, Henry C. “Hank,” Jr. [D-GA-4]
Rep. Correa, J. Luis [D-CA-46]
Rep. Meeks, Gregory W. [D-NY-5]
Rep. Lowenthal, Alan S. [D-CA-47]
Rep. Kennedy, Joseph P., III [D-MA-4]
Rep. Pocan, Mark [D-WI-2]
Rep. Khanna, Ro [D-CA-17]
Rep. Dean, Madeleine [D-PA-4]
Rep. DeSaulnier, Mark [D-CA-11]
Rep. Hastings, Alcee L. [D-FL-20]
Rep. Levin, Andy [D-MI-9]
Rep. Green, Al [D-TX-9]
Rep. McCollum, Betty [D-MN-4]

The fact that so many bad representatives get elected and hold office for considerable periods of time, people like these who sponsor, support, and vote for highly destructive bills, is one of the best arguments for dissolving the USA and its Constitution.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren support he bill.


7:05 pm on February 17, 2020