CNS News Gets It Wrong

Cybercast News Service (, formerly called the Conservative News Service, has this headline on an article: “81 Republicans Flip-Flop on Libya Opposition Votes.”

But CNS News gets it wrong. The first bill that Republicans voted on would have authorized the Libyan military adventure to continue for a year. Most Republicans voted against it. The second bill would have prohibited funding “except for: (1) search and rescue; (2) intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; (3) aerial refueling; and (4) operational planning.” This time, 89 Republicans voted against it, 81 of whom also voted against the previous bill.

But as Ron Paul (who voted against both bills) pointed out about the second bill: “Instead of ending the war against Libya, this bill would legalize nearly everything the president is currently doing there.” Republicans that voted against this bill did not “flip-flop.” CNS News is just plain wrong. Voting against both bills was the right thing to do if one was opposed to the Libyan military intervention. Too bad that 144 Republicans voted for the latter bill.


8:19 am on June 27, 2011