Christians, Use Your Heads: The Lord Gave Them To You for a Reason

A nutcase in Canada who calls herself a “‘non-binary trans person’ and is taking male hormones” recently gave birth to a child that she refuses to designate as either male or female. Predictably, Canada’s uber-Progressive government has acquiesced to this nonsense by noting the baby’s “sex as ‘U,’ presumably for ‘unknown’ or ‘unclassified’” on a birth certificate.

Such lunacy has a supposedly Christian commentator calling for the State to intervene. Yes, the very government that already rolled over to coddle the mother’s delusions while no doubt robbing Canadian taxpayers to subsidize her “male hormones”: “ …this is a case of a parent overstepping her sphere of sovereignty as well as crossing the line into abuse. … The potential for harm here is great, and not only should government officials refuse to accommodate it, they should stop such practices, even if necessary, removing the child from that home.”

Incredibly, he then opines, “…[J]ust as there are limits to the state’s authority over the family, there are limits of the family’s authority over the state.” Wow. With friends like this, you’d think politicians and bureaucrats wouldn’t need the corporate media, too.

Lest he sound as delusional as the “non-binary trans person,” our friend continues, “Of course, I don’t expect for a moment the Canadian authorities will actually do this. But they should. And Christians shouldn’t be afraid to say so.”

Oh, yes, we should. The family has no greater enemy than the State, especially in its Progressive manifestation. Government ceaselessly attacks the family as the last and strongest bastion of privacy and of refuge from the public square. Why else are politicians everywhere pushing sodomy and “transsexualism,” now that feminism has wreaked as much damage as possible?

Indeed, the issue for Christians is not what letter Leviathan puts on its damnable papers but the State’s authority to require such devilish documents in the first place. If human beings truly needed to certify birth, private companies would spring up to supply this service. 

Christians who merely react to the Progressive agenda—and worse, react by expecting the Satanic State to rescue us–are as toxic as the Progs themselves.


2:15 pm on July 13, 2017