Christian Killers

I imagine the Lord is as relieved as His supposed followers are distressed that “the Army remov[ed] a cross from a chapel in January, the Air Force remov[ed] ‘God’ from a unit’s logo, and the Walter Reed Medical Center bann[ed] Bibles in September 2011.” Why draft the Almighty, Who specifically commanded us, “Do not murder,” to whitewash the slaughter American troops inflict worldwide?

But the homicidal maniacs at the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty and the Family Research Council are instead outraged that the military is finally shedding its hypocrisy and declaring that yes, it is indeed a collection of godless killers. Shouldn’t these Christian cretins — whose alleged faith requires them to uphold the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule — welcome such honesty?

Then there’s this bizarre little gem from “Ron Crews, Ch. (Col.) USAR (Ret.), executive director for the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty”: “We believe that those who are wearing the uniform, those who are putting their lives on the line to protect the religious liberties of all Americans should not themselves have to give up those religious liberties that they are willing to die for.” Hmmm. Would someone please tell me which of America’s wars for empire have “protected the religious liberties of all Americans”? How does bombing a village in Afghanistan, raping Iraqi women, or napalming Vietnamese children protect my religious liberty?


6:54 am on July 11, 2013