Child Abuse and Libertarian Law

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I think parents should be severely punished for child abuse; vicious beatings, etc. I don’t think failure to educate equals child abuse.

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Subject: RE: Forced savings for education of children

Dr Block, the premise in jims question seems to be that the government forcibly educating children is currently giving them an adequate education.  Given that the state demands 13 years of schooling only to push them out with no ability to get a job, that’s a very dubious premise.

Another obviously wrong premise in the question is that the government does not act selfishly, yet they are the ones demanding higher pay for less work in order to accomplish worse outcomes.

A third obviously wrong premise is that Jim knows what education should cost and anything below that level would be skimping.  Well maybe not paying to build palatial prisons with world class sporting facilities and instead utilizing a curriculum that contains only texts in the public domain created by incredibly brilliant men like Tom Woods, Gary North and Ron Paul could be slightly cheaper than he reckons.

Joshua Crosby


3:39 am on March 26, 2021

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